Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most precious moment in every one’s life. Whether as a marrying individual or as their family member or as a friend, the moment once passed can’t be enjoyed again. That’s where photography and videography comes to play. Almost every marriage ceremony has a professional photographer and videographer who captures beautiful moments during the program.
Hundreds and thousands of images are captured during these times of ceremonies. Among the captured images there are images which are shot without the couple noticing, i.e. they are shot without the people noticing the camera around. So these candid photos are not only beautiful but they seem more natural.

The concepts of candid photography were previously used by professional photographer to take a natural shot in everyday life. But today they are most often used in marriage. People now-a-days hire two photographers, one for formal photography and other for candid photography. A subtle smile, the unnoticed signs, the sparkle in the eye, the uninhibited laugh and tears of joy are few of the natural and candid moments captured on the lens when people are unaware of the camera around them. These not only reflect the happiness but also the pure joy to see for years to come. They definitely make the marriage album more beautiful and lively.


India is a nation with multiple religious beliefs and types of people. Even the wedding celebration is different in different places. The big fat Indian wedding is like a fairytale with multiple functions spread over a few days. So the walk to the aisle or the mandap requires an efficient and beautiful coverage of events that can be cherished forever. A lot of decorations and lightings are done for the same and its beauty can be enjoyed lifelong using these photographs

The latest trend today is of a pre-wedding shoot keeping in mind the interests of the wedding couple. A leading photographer recently shot world’s highest pre-wedding couple shot at Khardung La pass for a couple who loved adventure sports.The cost of such an outdoor shoot can vary from Rs. 25,000 upto Rs. 60,000 depending on the destination and logistics involved. Along with the pre-wedding shot at amazing locations, a custom-designed coffee-table book may also be printed as a token of remembrance.

Candid photography along with the formal pictures definitely
makes the memory go live…