Corona Virus and the Wedding Industry: a Closer Look at the Toll the Crisis is taking on everyone Involved

it comes to the biggest day of your life, there is a lot to think about. The
entire wedding planning process is a
daunting and tiresome ordeal that requires a whole lot of effort.

of us spend a great deal of time and money, not to mention the stress of
everything going perfectly as planned.

you may believe that the same scenario applies to all situations, it’s
definitely not the case when you have a Pandemic around the world on the rise.

The Corona virus crisis has enveloped pretty much all of us globally –the wedding industry being no exception. And with advisories of self-quarantine, social distancing, and ban on travel on the rise, there’s a lot worth considering. But that’s just the beginning.

is How Corona Pandemic is Effecting the Wedding Industry

Period of Uncertainty prevails amongst Us all

isn’t easy to watch the news on a daily basis, especially when you’ve got a wedding in store. The facts and figures
continue to increase at an alarming rate. And that spells disaster for the wedding industry as a whole.

When will
weddings be allowed?

It’s almost as if we’re living by the minute. How the corona virus is determining the outcome of many of our life’s
events is thought provoking. The period of uncertainty lingers upon us, many
anxiously waiting for a happy ending. The best we can do is wait and watch before making their next

Cancellations and Postponements are a Common Sight to See

the thought of having to reschedule your
has left couples in frenzy. With governments issuing a number of
restrictions on citizens, gatherings and daily wagers- many are left with no
choice than to rethink their wedding
planning timeline.

 Wedding invitations have been changed indefinitely,
while many opting for wedding e-cards
instead. How long will this waiting game last? The answer is above and beyond many
critics and analysts’ view. Health and safety guidelines tell us that things
aren’t in the best of shape at the moment. But with due time, the curve will
flatten. And until then, all many of us can do is pray.

are the Weddings, if any, taking place Right now?

being in lockdown, there are profound examples of couples who have managed to carry out their weddings. Although not
in the same manner as planned originally, but again, it’s a matter of choice.

say love conquers all. And that’s one of the major reasons why small scale
weddings continue to be held regularly. Couples with their closest loved ones
have improvised big time to get a ceremony up and running. From venues
comprising of backyards to catering done through the kitchen, it doesn’t get
any more intimate than that.

and Vendors for Weddings are suffering some of The Most Historic Losses

you come to think of it, the little elements that fulfill a wedding are plenty. From the gown,
cake, jewelry and flowers to the music, décor, wedding invitations and more- the list is never ending.

businesses have suffered a major setback. Venues are empty; many being forced
to hand couples back any booking payments made in advance.

sad to see planners and vendors run out of their wedding industry jobs as their only source of income were
receptions and ceremonies. While others can work from home, it’s not the same
for individuals’ pertaining to the wedding

weddings are now only a dream

the knot at a remote or exotic destination has been singled out as a dream for
many lovebirds. With harsh travel bans with due advisories in place, couples
are forced to rethink their next move.

we mention the extra time, effort, and money it takes to plan a destination
wedding? It’s hard to get everyone on board in the first place. And then to
deal with cancellations can turn into a sad state of affairs.

world is under a calamity these days. We hope and pray that this would be over
soon and everything would be back to normal. Team Hitched Forever prays for all
humans to be safe and survive this CoronaVirus
without any further losses of health, wealth, and lives.