Your Complete Guide on Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Design and Use

Before you embark upon ordering your wedding paper essentials, be smart about the situation and put together your list of everything you need.

Not only can this help you stay on top of your budget but also keep you organized every step of the way.

From menu cards and escort cards to programs and more, we are breaking down everything you need to stay ahead of the stationary game.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations hold a special place in many hearts. It’s no wonder why couples pull out all the stops to get the perfect pick that’s affordable and esthetically pleasing.

If you’ve got a theme in mind, allow your wedding invitation to cascade along. Remember, the invitation sets the tone for your celebration so make it count. Be sure to include all the details like time, date, dress code and venue of course.

Experiment with fun shapes, styles and materials to nail the vibe you want. There’s simply no hard and fast rule here.

Save the date cards

Unique save the date cards serve as the first form of interaction you’ll be sharing with guests before the wedding. Whether you plan to include save the date animations, customized postcards, save the date wedding designs or the most adorable photo magnets- the choice is all yours. Play around with creativity and explore all options.

Make it a point to include the 4W’s in your save the date announcement. And by this we mean Who it’s From, What the event is, When it is and Where it’s being hosted. Some hosts add their wedding website too.

Above all, mention that a formal invite will follow so guests know what to expect.

RSVP cards

RSVP cards ask guests attending to’ respond sil vous plait’ on whether they’re attending or not. They can be printed as separate entities but are usually delivered in pockets of the actually wedding card itself.

Most RSVP cards are sent 8 weeks before the big day while guests are asked to respond on lines provided on the card, at least 3 weeks before the event.

As a host, you can devise a card that coordinates with the wedding invitation for a stylish matching affair. Most RSVP cards are smaller than the actual invite itself so be mindful when finalizing options.

Thank you cards

Wedding thank you cards show guests that their inclusion means so much. You can customize your thank you cards for the weddinggifts, reception, post wedding celebrations and more. After all, loved ones took out the time to be a part of your big day.

Digital variants and printable notes are hot sellers among hosts but you can pick a style that best suits your preference. How about selecting personalization with your initials as the monogram or a foiled stamp perhaps? Remember to be mindful of their size as these tend to be on the smaller side.

Table cards

Table cards for wedding reception designate who sits on which table. They serve as resourceful guides that dictate sublime organization during the wedding planning process.

Most sit down dinner reception ceremonies include formal table number place cards being delicately placed at the guests’ exact location. The font style is usually kept elegant, size medium but bold and clearly visible from a distance.

Menu cards

Playful, visual and oh so sophisticated- wedding menu cards for dinner party go above and beyond classic chart options. Not only are they super useful in terms of letting guests know what to expect culinary wise, they serve as intricate décor to formal dining setups too.

Be sure to let guests know of everything and anything you plan on serving at the reception, especially when it’s a multi-cultural affair. Its common courtesy and etiquette to do so.

Also, tie in the event’s theme to match menu cards on the table for a coordinated touch.

Program booklets

It’s good to give wedding guests an outline of what events to expect, keeping them informed. Wedding program booklets should include the ceremony’s order, wedding party member names, cocktail hour times and other pertinent detailing.

This timeline usually comprises of a paper that relates to the overall wedding style and is handed during the nuptials.

Accommodation cards

Destination wedding or not, accommodation cards for wedding invites serve up as stylish stationary to inform guests about their residential options at hand. Match the design to the original vellum invitation or catch guests off guard with a truly unique template- totally your call.

In cases where a block or hotel isn’t booked, it’s thoughtful to list a range of options where guests can stay at conveniently.

Mostly, you’ll find accommodation inserts for your personalized wedding invitation comprising of transport details, directions and schedules too.

Gift registry cards

Worried about how to ask guests for gifts for your weddingregistry? Gift registry cards are a sophisticated and formal way of getting the gifts that match your needs as well as taste. Couples who aren’t fond of gifts can ask for donations to the charity of their choice.

Make it a point to add relevant details of preferences and appropriate links to your already setup registry. Print these in dynamic designs and place in affordable wedding invitations.

With this simple guide, getting your wedding stationary organized and on point has never been easier.