5 Wedding Invitation Card Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid

 wedding cards

Wedding invitation cards are probably the first thing which is decided after the wedding date. After all, the wedding invitation cards reflect the soon to be married couple’s true happiness. Families sit together and put extra efforts for the perfect design, colours and wordings to describe their perfect emotions. And the final customized invite is adorned with words of love and blessings, requesting the guests to bless the couple with their presence.

Isn’t it such a cute and full of love discussion? We are so happy to invite our closed ones to celebrate the wedding with us. A Wedding where two families would be enjoying the same happiness together.

Although a lot of discussion and times goes for selecting the perfect wedding card, at times couples and their families end up in making silly mistakes while customising the wedding invitation cards. And imagine the mistakes in your wedding invitation could lead to embarrassment.

 Let’s discuss some common wedding invitation card mistakes that should avoid

wedding cards

1. Spelling mistakes

Make sure you are not misspelling the names of your guests. Nobody likes their own names in wrong spelling, for example Mr and Mrs Sharma are always better than Mr and Mrs Sarma. I remember I got one of the wedding invite with wrong spelling of my husband’s name; it was extremely annoying that one of the close friends don’t know his friend’s name correct spelling. So, please do not do that to your guests. Spell their names correctly and make them feel good.

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2. Proof-read your wedding card

I hope everybody does this before printing the whole set of wedding cards. You can ask for sample wedding card first and proofread the details of the wedding card. The most important things like timings and date of the wedding day. Also cross verify the address of the venue. For example, the landmark of the venue with the minute details such as behind the school or before the powai lake. Proof-reading is important so that your whole set of wedding cards are not printed with mistakes. Even the spelling of the names should be checked properly.


3. Print some extra set of wedding cards

I will not put this point under mistakes it could rather be a tip. But at times printing some extra wedding cards helps. As it can be helpful when there is increase in number of guests or office colleagues. The last moment printing can be hassle and tiring for you. So the additional numbers would always be a better option.

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4. Consider the weather while adding sweets.

As some of the invitation norm says, you add the sweets with the wedding invite. You should look at the weather or season before putting any sweets or chocolates in the invitation box. I mean summer can spoil the sweets with bacteria or melt the chocolates resulting the cards to be damaged. While rain can spoil the whole wedding invite box.


5. Avoid adding all the details in your card

We know it’s your wedding day and you are really happy sharing all the details with your relatives and friends. But adding every minute detail would crowd the wedding card, which would eventually led to miss the most important parts of the wedding. I remember looking at one of the cards which consist of details like every function with venue and timings, then the names of the family members including the kids and then the long wedding quote paragraph. And as a guest I was looking for venue address and date to mark in my calendar.


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