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Bridal Shower Invitations! Woah! Organizing the entire bridal shower can be stressful. What is as special as your own wedding? Your best friend’s wedding! We understand how excited you are to give her the princess treatment and make her feel special, loved and cared
before her big day arrives. The preparations for her wedding must be in swing and you will be
equally busy to plan a discreet bridal shower for your bestie. Only a girl can understand how
crucial bridal shower is for a would-be- bride and what all she must be expecting from her
special day. We know you want to be the best host in the town and cannot afford to let anything
go wrong. And to assist you to ensure that nothing goes wrong in arranging your bestie’s bridal
shower, we have jotted down here a detailed list of everything that you will need for the party.
Let’s begin!

1. The herculean task

Of course you know everyone your best friend loves or hates but still making a guest list for
someone else’s party is a task. You have to decide on multiple names- the ones she (your best
friend) is good friends with, the ones she went to school with (if both of you had different schools
you would probably have a hard time finding each of her school pal), friends from her society,
her first cousins and a few second cousins, her colleagues and a few more who she holds close
to her heart. Usually, the bridal shower should be organized a month before your best friend’s
wedding but you should start making the guest list at least three months in advance to make
sure you don’t miss out on anyone. Time to ask the groom-to- be to join your team and take your
bestie’s siblings on our side too to make an excellent list. And of course, it is time to check your
bestie’s Facebook friends’ list!

2. Pick a date

There is a high probability of you memorizing your bride-to- be best friend’s entire calendar until
her wedding date. Either you can choose a date depending on the information available to you
or ask your guests for suggestions (here we are supposing it to be a surprise bridal shower).
Don’t forget to book your best friend’s calendar for the same date. Make a plan with her for the
entire day and surprise her when she expects it the least.
Make sure she looks the best on her day of bridal shower, therefore, carry her dress, footwear,
make up and accessories with you secretly or ask someone to bring it at the venue. She would
definitely want to look enchanting in her bridal shower pictures, thereby, give her ample time to
doll up.
Choosing a Saturday for the bridal shower is a good idea to have whole Sunday to yourself to
rest and discuss and gossip with the bride-to- be about your ultimate surprise. She will definitely
have a stock of things to tell you.

3. Choosing a bridal shower theme

This is an image of a bridal shower invitation theme. VIsit for amazing varities of bridal shower invitations
@PC; Google Images

Bridal shower is essentially an event meant for girls. And which girl doesn’t love to dress up for
her friend/sister’s wedding functions? Give your guests an incredible opportunity to dress up for
your bestie’s bridal shower by choosing a truly one-of- its-kind theme for it. There are plethora of
bridal shower theme ideas available on the internet but if you need our suggestions then you
may choose one out of these 5 peculiar theme ideas: Vintage chic bridal shower, movie-inspired
shower, floral queen shower, beauty and self-care shower (arrange spa, facial sessions,
massages for each guest) and destination shower. No matter which theme you choose, your

best friend is definitely going to be head over heels with a surprise bridal shower. Still there is a
lot that you must do…

4. Pick a venue

Now you have the head count for the party and its finalized date and theme. It is the right time to
determine the perfect location for the surprise bridal shower. The venue must be astonishingly
decorated and must be a place which the bride-to- be hasn’t visited until now. Discuss the venue
with the groom-to- be or your common friends to also take their opinion on how surprising it
would be for the bride-to- be. Check if the venue is spacious enough for seating arrangement,
refreshment area and organize the planned activities within it. A dance floor is a must for any
bridal shower venue.
We know you don’t want to leave a stone unturned to make her bridal shower her best day with
you and therefore, we ask you to pay great deal of attention to every minute detail and task.
Self-supervision is the key for excellence.

5. Bridal shower invitations

No bridal shower can ever be completed with a special invitation card. With every detail already
in place, you must go on to get some colorful bridal shower invitations printed. Choose a bridal
shower invite in lines with your shower theme. A personalized card would be loved by every
guest and it says how important your bestie is in your life. It speaks of your lovable relation with
Occasion of bridal shower calls for invitation cards with a mix of pastel hues. They have to be
aesthetically attractive and should create positivity. It is not necessary for you to go for
expensive cards as a lot of affordable bridal shower invitations available. They will suit your
budget as well as are unique and lovely. You may choose a card out of these dashingly
beautiful bridal shower invitation card designs:

  1. Floral love


    This image displays an image showing a bridal shower invitations which can be bought at at absolutely affordable prices
    @PC: Google Images
  2. Botanical Dream Bridal Shower Invitation

    This is an image of a Botanical Dream Bridal Shower Invitation card which can be bought at for absolutely affordabl prices
    @PC: Google Image
  • Timeless shower

    This image displays an image showing a love bridal showers which can be bought at at absolutely affordable prices
    @PC: Google Images
  • Tea party bridal shower

    This is an image displaying a tea party bridal shower which can be bought at for absolutely affordable prices
    @PC: Google Images
  • Love shower invite

    This image displays a love bridal showers which can be bought at at absolutely affordable prices
    @PC: Google Images

Now you can order bridal shower invitations online and get them delivered at your home. It will
give you enough of time to plan the party. Plus the number of invitation design options are more
over the Internet. Start surfing the net right now. Maybe, begin here:

6. Food

You can never go wrong with the menu as it is the essence of any party. Food should be in
accordance to the theme and overall mood of the party. Tea party bridal shower and movie-
based bridal shower cannot have the same menu so spend some time on what you would like to
serve your guests. Food for bridal shower needs to be exotic and something that both the bride-
to-be and her brigade will relish. Avoid oily items. And definitely order a crowd-pleasing cake.

7. Last but not the least

Every bride-to- be loves to have gifts. Do get some for the special lady. You can shop for
dresses or makeup for her or may be buy a sexy lingerie for the wedding night.

We hope nothing has been missed from our list. If you want to add something to it, let us know
in the comment section.

Meanwhile, happy party planning!

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