How to choose the perfect wedding invitation sample?

First impression is the last impression. And this isn’t only true in your professional life but in
each and every ‘small’ thing that we do in our life. This phrase is true even in choosing a
wedding invitation sample for your big day. Investing time and effort before you finalize your wedding invite. Your wedding invitation is the threshold of your wedding preparations; it gives an introduction to your guests about your wedding style and set their expectations accordingly. It speaks for your personal style and artistic taste. To leave a long-lasting impression on your invitees, it is important to choose a wedding card that is in synchronization with the rest of the preparations for your D-day. It shouldn’t fall short of sophistication and panache. For choosing a perfect wedding invitation that remains alive in the
memory of your guests even after years of your wedding, consider these handy tips:

1. Choosing the right font for wedding invitation sample

Wedding invitations usually have calligraphy or decorative fonts that look traditional yet elegant.
Well, it is obvious that the text written on your invitation should look beautiful but what about its
readability? Can you read every word on your invitation properly? If not then, it is a bad idea to
continue with that font. The chosen font should have legibility. If you are using a frilly font style,
make sure its size is large enough for everyone to read suitably. For a flamboyant font, which is
smaller in size, make sure each and every word is properly bold and appears clearly. Avoid
going for tiny font styles; they make look cute but are definitely difficult to read. Most importantly,
use the same font style on every leaf of your invitation. Choosing separate font for every leaf will
make your card look ticky-tacky and thus totally lacking grace and elegance. Check exciting wedding card wordings here.

This image displays the wedding card wordings in a beautiful font style which can be brought for absolutely affordable prices at
PC: Google Images

2. What should be the style & theme of your wedding card?

It is an unspoken rule that the theme of your wedding invitation should be in line with your
wedding theme. The card should give the feel and touch of your wedding theme. But at times, it
gets difficult to decide if you want to go for a traditional, classic invite or a modern wedding card
First of all, are you an old school couple which prefers traditions over trends or a modern couple
which prefers everything chic? We all know how much importance this once-in- a-lifetime event
has in our life, therefore, every little detail about your card should be perfect and up to your
Your card should be an image of how you have imagined your wedding and it should
complement the overall picture in your head. Before finalizing a design, do an online search of
all the designs that may suit your theme.

Check various interesting themes for an Indian wedding invitation sample here.

Radha Krishna, Peacock, Paisley, Royal wedding cards, Ganesha, Floral, His & Her wedding cards and more

This image displays a wedding card design in a particular theme and is displayed as one of the things to keepnotice of while choosing your perfect wedding invitation card
PC: Google Images

3. Choosing the right color for a wedding card sample

Every wedding card designer has enough colors, papers and envelopes for his
customers to look at and choose the best as per their taste and budget. Choose colors
that will complement the overall theme of the wedding and suit your personal aesthetics.
To ensure high legibility of the font, choose light-colored paper on which you can get the
content written in a dark tone or a dark paper in which you can get a light-colored print.

Also pay attention to the texture of the paper. Does it feels silky and soft? Or is it hard,
handmade paper? Along with colors, the paper type of your invitation also affects its

Check the for wedding invitation sample based on color. Pick your own favorite color from blue,  red, cream color,  golden, green, silver, orange,  pink, yellow & more

This is an image displaying a beautiful wedding invitation sample which is based on various colors as shown in the image and can be brought at at absolutely affordable prices
PC: Google Images

4. Choosing the right shape

Circle, rectangular or square- these are the three common shapes for a wedding card
sample invite. Choose a shape as per your wedding theme and preference. Rectangular wedding invites
have been traditionally used as a wedding card whereas a circle-shaped invite is quirky
and fanciful. A square-shaped wedding invitation is considered essentially modern. For
those wanting to have a traditionally royal invite, a rolled scroll wedding invite on a
handmade paper would be a perfect idea. Your budget also determines the shape of
your wedding invite.

Check here for the ideal shape for your wedding invitation sample. Pick your own favorite shape like square, landscape or more.

This is an image displaying a beautiful wedding card in a very unique shape in the form of a butterfly which can be brought at at absolutely affordable prices
PC: Google Images

5. Keep the content of your wedding invite simple

The content of your wedding card should definitely be emotional but not tear-inducing!
Keep the content clear, concise and simple. Avoid using fancy phrases or stuffing
tongue-twisting words. A few lines on every leaf looks perfect. To fit in extra details
seamlessly, the font size should be smaller but it shouldn’t be difficult to read.
Needless to say, your invitation should have the right date and time of every ceremony,
complete address of the venue/s and map/s to easily reach there. Before giving every
detail in printing, double proof read these details as a mistake can cause
embarrassment before your guests. Make your best friend proofread your wedding
invitation after you have read it.

For interesting wedding invitation wording ideas or wedding invitation matter, visit

This is an image displaying a wedding card invite which shows wedding invitation wordings and wedding card matter which can be browsed on
PC: Google Images

You must know how many days the printer will require to print your entire lot of cards.
To surprise your guests at the end of your wedding ceremony, get little ‘Thank You
cards printed. To make them personalized, write the name of every guest on their
‘Thank You’ card. It will definitely take a few hours out of your busy schedule but
surprising your guests when they expect it the least will be worth all your efforts and

Also, don’t forget to get a few additional wedding cards printed as you might lose some in mail.
And do save an additional copy to show it to your children later on!

Check out our latest range of unique wedding invitation card samples here. Let us know which one you chose.



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