Exquisite Gift Ideas for your Valentine

So, it’s the month of love where cupids are roaming around with arrows of heart in their hands. Only a few days left for Valentine Day. You would be probably being confused about the gifting part, aren’t you thinking about the valentine gifts all the time? The Most difficult thing about the Valentine day is figuring the plan of the day for your loved ones.

For some, you have just started dating, you are probably not planning to gift him a bike or her diamonds. But something special for the significance of love. The gift must be unique and special.

For others, who are already married for several years, don’t you know think of plain candle-night dinner with him or her. Every year is a collection of special moments spent together.

I will try to help you plan your Valentine day with some special effects which can be gifts or surprise party day. Read on and start planning. So that you have no excuse for showing up empty handed. Dozens of chocolates will appreciate for a while, but you want him/her to swoon then go for gifts.So, this Valentine let your gifts bring smile to your loved ones!

Actually I wanted to divide you guys on the basis of married or dating, but that’s not so fair. So I divided you him and her.


Fashion Sunglasses –If you are thinking about something classy and fun gift for your significant other. Then everyone looks a pair of Fashion sunglasses, try the brands like Ray ban, Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana etc. You will see plenty of awesome styles and you must know his/her choice. Sunglasses are always acceptable gifts for anybody. Aviators are in trend for his or her. Small and rare gift for his or her eye.

Stylish Headphones-However it is, everybody loves music in their heart. The Hard Black Headphones with effects to him would surprise him and make him go dancing to your tunes. A Funky pink or blue colour headphone looks cool too.Fashionable and stylish headphones add bang to the heart beats!Gift a musical ornament this valentine.


Quality Handbag-This is the gift mostly girls will love it. But make sure of the quality, space, usability and most importantly the colour of the handbag. Choose the one which would be great for work, dinner and parties. Colours like pink, white, nude, blue would look classy.You have plenty of options like leather bags, Tote bags and Sling bags. It is one of the easy options to pick up from the mall or online.


I Pad-I love this one. The Apple thing in your bag is a must have choice for you. I pad is the most convenient and happy making gift for your girlfriend or wife, they can shop and share. For your Husband and wife, they can play games and browse those Wikipedia’s. Apple had actually added an option on Valentine’s gift list. I wish I-Phone could be that affordable.


A Nice Perfume-If your partner is nosy and have the cliché for smell, then go for this one. I love the smell of Raindrops on my clothes and feel good factor of those quality perfumes, it never goes out of style. The mist perfumes or the sweet ones, go for the ones which are liked by your partner.


Wrist Watch-Another wooing option for your valentine. Variety of watches with a variety of options. Try to find out what kind of watches does your partner like for her, it could be rose gold watches with diamonds. While for him, it could be a Gshock!

No matter what are you gifting him or her? Make sure you spent plenty of time with them. Your presence will make you closer to them. These gifts are just an expressions of love.But your words of love are more important to your valentine!

I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon