Know the Muslim Traditional Weddings


Being in a country like India, where you have diversified cultures and religions.Every religion has its own custom and traditions.I am sure we are all excited to know what the other culture is holding on.Why Bengalis wear Big Red Bindis? What’s the deal of Saat pheras in Hindus? Why Christians wear white color in their weddings?How are Muslim weddings done? The Curiosity holds on so much, that we know this customs and practices only when we attend those different religion weddings.That happens only when your friend or colleague is of different religion or culture.

Today we will know about the basic customs and traditions of an ideal traditional Muslim wedding, Some of you may be already knowing this and some of you are getting to know something new about the unknown traditions of the Muslim Wedding.

Muslim marriage and customs  related to wedding ceremonies and rituals that are practiced by Muslims around the world. Although it differs according to the country of origin and government rules and regulations. Muslim weddings are celebrated with marvelous grandeur. It can take place at any convenient time, as there is nothing like auspicious time in Muslim weddings.

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In Urdu language, the Muslim wedding is known as ‘Nikah’.Engagement ceremony is the first ceremony of the wedding, where exchange of rings between the wedding couple takes place, it is old tradition, that the groom’s family provide the outfit of the bride.

After the Engagement ritual, the Haldi ceremony takes place.The bride anointed with Haldi(turmeric) which is provided by the boy’s family.Every family member will apply Haldi to the bride and give her blessing for her future life.For this Haldi ceremony, the bride is supposed to wear yellow color clothes and no jewelry.There is a lot of celebration and food in this function, and the family rejoices with fun.This Function is celebrated in most of the religions,  may be the customs differ.But we all love making joy out of such wedding functions, where we can share happiness with our relatives and cousins.


Mehendi ceremony is held at the bride’s place just before some days of the wedding.It is mainly ladies function where Mehendi wali applies special Dulhan Mehendi on bride’s full hands and legs. You know I have seen the best of Mehendi designs on the hands of the Muslim bride. Mehendi with different combinations like Arabic is beautiful and intricate ones.Mehendi is applied to most of the female family members, this even gives the cheerful touch to the wedding environment. During this, ceremony, the groom’s mother sends the  ‘bari’ which includes the bride’s wedding dress, dry fruits, sugar, dry dates, Shringar.


The Nikah takes places in front of relatives and Maulana(Muslim priest).The wedding is witnessed by two male persons and a lawyer, the Maulana will ask the bride is she is happy for the wedding and happy to marry the groom.The same question is asked to the groom.If both agrees, then the selected piece from the Quran(Holy book) is read and the wedding couple signs the nikaah nama (Nikah papers).

Thus Muslim weddings are the simplest one with not lot of hustle bustle, but with quite and sober atmosphere. Have you ever attended Muslim wedding? What kind of? And where is another important question.As I said, it differs regionally too.Like in India, you will find most of the colors in the weddings!


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