5 Most Beautiful forms of Wedding jewellery

wedding jewelry

Once your wedding dress or lehenga is finalised, it’s time to choose your wedding jewellery. As the trend goes, you will see a whole lot of collection for bridal jewelleries. It mostly depends on what is going to match your wedding outfit. Wedding jewellery will complete your look as a beautiful bride. Another reason you cannot afford to goof up on your special day is that all the eyes will be on you.So choose wisely.



Bridal Necklaces, bangles, mangtika, nose ring, earrings, bracelets and bridal hair jewellery that are designed to be worn for weddings are mostly designed to compliment the look of the bride. Nowadays, there are trends in wedding jewellery of the bride, you will see a variety of jewellery sets with number of themes and styles, you just have to decide which style is yours.

Let’s have a look at bridal jewellery collection which will give you the idea of the current bridal jewellery trends. Make sure you select bridal jewellery with care and co-ordinate them perfectly with your wedding outfit.



Kundan jewellery: Do you know Kundan jewellery is a traditional for of Indian gemstone jewellery? It is a gem set with gold foiling between stones and its mount; it is usually used for elaborate necklaces. It is the oldest form of jewellery made and worn in India. Initially, kundan jewellery was seen in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The word Kundan means highly refined gold and pure form of molten gold is used while making kundan jewelry.I am sure you must have loved Aishwarya in jodha akbar, she was wearing most of the kundan jewellery. You have kundan sets in gold, in silver or in artificial metals.


Jadau: Jadau is one of the major forms of jewellery which gives an example of high skilled craftsmanship; it was brought to India by Mughals. If you look history, the tradition of jadau came into practice since the Mughal era. Jadau is also known as engraved jewellery and it is unique in itself.The meenakari or enamelling is engraved setting in this jewellery. They also embed uncut diamonds called as Polki or vilandi in the jadau jewellery.



Polki : It’s really hard to differentiate in terms of looks between Kundan and Polki because you will notice both look so similar, but Polki is uncut raw diamonds.Have you seen those pretty looking engagement rings, they are not how natural diamonds look like. So basically when you don’t cut a diamond you get what is called as Polki. Polki diamonds shines a lot; since it is uncut you will find it more beautiful and more expensive.



Gold jewellery: The most famous form of jewellery in India is gold. Some even called it as Laxmi or some call it as auspicious when wore during weddings. You will find gold jewellery in most of the Indian weddings, no matter what caste or religion you belong; you will surely see the blinge of gold. You can call it Indian culture, as the culture is incomplete without the craze of gold. Indians see gold as a symbol of purity, beauty and prosperity.



Diamonds:  Should I talk about woman’ best friend? You give it to her on engagement, her wedding, and her birthday or on any occasion you say. She definitely loves this form of jewellery.

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