Elegant Designs of Shagun boxes for wedding ceremonies

Shagun is termed mostly for Hindu marriages where the wedding ceremonies extend to a period of two to three days. Shagun is the sacred word which is considered highly traditional and intensely related to the ancient traditions and customs. Moreover, wedding ceremonies are considered very sacred.It is not just a bond of two souls but of two families.The Wedding Rituals of the Wedding can be engagements, mehendi, haldi.The Engagement ceremony where the couple exchange rings and accepts shagun from the elders of the family. There is Tilak ceremony where bride’s brother applies tilak to the groom and gives him gifts which are also known as Shagun boxes.

Shagun can be anything in the wedding ceremony.For Brides, it could be clothes, accessories, jewelleries, henna, perfume etc. In some families, the elders give cash to the couple as the good luck and blessings.

Nowadays there are a lot of availability of products to enhance the shagun gifts. Here is the variety of Wedding box which gives an ecstatic beauty to your shagun gifts.

Shagun Boxes

Wedding Shagun Boxes in Purple Color                                                                                                                                                                                       The Pretty Purple Wedding cash box with the beautiful artistic design will be enchanting cash box as a gift to the wedding couple. This wedding cash box add a unique style to the celebrations, you can use if for shagun gifts in wedding ceremonies or receptions.

Shagun Boxes

Wedding Cash Box in Elegant Fawn and Silver Grey Floral

This elegant box gives such pleasant look with the silver grey floral design.The silver ribbon closure on the box is like a feather in a cap.You can use this box not only for wedding but also for festive seasons.

Shagun Boxes

Wedding Shagun Box in Heart shape with Red and Black

The Heart shape with Red and Black shagun box gives a lovely feeling. Looks like a direct connection to your heart .It is adorable shagun box which can be used for gifting your dearest ones.You can keep jewelries in it and gift it to the couple.Husbands can also use this gift box for gifting their wives, they would be exclaimed to see this gift box!

Shagun Boxes

Wedding Favor Shagun Box with Golden Kundan Accessory

The sacred shagun would become sanctified with your blessings in a box with the golden touch and the kundan brooch attached on it.What do you think about this artistic shagun box?

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